Pinecrest Real Estate – Upscale Village

Pinecrest is an upscale village located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Known for its prestigious schools, lush greenery, and high standard of living, Pinecrest has become one of the most desirable places to live in South Florida. With a population of just over 19,000, Pinecrest offers residents a small-town feel with easy access to the amenities of a big city.

One of the most attractive features of Pinecrest is its excellent public schools. Pinecrest is home to several top-rated schools, including Pinecrest Elementary, Palmetto Middle School, and Palmetto Senior High School. These schools consistently rank among the best in the state and have a reputation for high academic standards and strong extracurricular programs.

Another draw for residents is the village’s abundance of green spaces. Pinecrest is home to several parks, including Pinecrest Gardens, which features a variety of tropical plants and trees, a butterfly exhibit, and a playground. The village also has several nature preserves, such as the Deering Estate, which offers hiking trails, bird watching, and educational programs.

Pinecrest real estate is known for its luxury homes and upscale neighborhoods. The village’s median home value is around $1,200,000 and the average price per square foot is $388. The majority of the homes in Pinecrest are single-family homes, with a small percentage of townhomes and condos. Many of the homes in Pinecrest are situated on large lots and feature spacious living areas, high-end finishes, and modern amenities.

The village’s luxury homes are found in neighborhoods like Pinecrest Groves and Pinecrest Lakes. These neighborhoods feature large, grand homes with amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, and guest houses. Other upscale neighborhoods in Pinecrest include Gables by the Sea and Snapper Creek Lakes. These neighborhoods are known for their exclusivity and high-end homes.

Pinecrest also offers residents a wide range of shopping and dining options. The village has several shopping centers and plazas, including Pinecrest Place and The Falls, which offer a variety of retail and dining options. The village also has a variety of local restaurants, cafes, and bars, many of which offer outdoor seating and a relaxed atmosphere.

One of the most popular shopping and dining destinations in Pinecrest is the Sunset Place. This outdoor mall features a variety of shops, restaurants, and a movie theater. It also hosts events and farmers markets throughout the year.

Pinecrest is also home to a number of cultural and recreational amenities. The village has a community center, which offers classes and programs for residents of all ages. The village also has a public library, which offers a wide range of books, movies, and music for residents to borrow.

The village is also home to the Pinecrest Community Center, which offers a wide range of classes and programs for residents of all ages. The center has a fitness room, a gym, and a pool, as well as a variety of sports programs, such as soccer and basketball.

In conclusion, Pinecrest is an upscale village that offers residents a high standard of living, excellent schools, and a wide range of amenities. From its luxury homes and upscale neighborhoods to its shopping, dining, and recreational options, Pinecrest has something for everyone. The village’s abundance of green spaces and natural beauty also make it an ideal place to call home. If you’re looking for a place to live that combines the best of both worlds, Pinecrest is definitely worth considering.

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